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The Gypsy Bride by Carmen Mola

“Retrasar las cosas es mantener los nervios dentro del estómago más tiempo del necesario.”
The Gypsy Bride by Carmen Mola. Page 211

Happy Thursday, readers! Many years ago I refused to read the famous TriCarmen Mola, but as life is, for my birthday my cousin gave me the first book of the tetralogy of Inspector Blanco.

I think that telling what The Gypsy Bride is about is unnecessary, everyone after the plot twist when it was revealed who wrote the books and the airing of the series of the same name knows what it is about. But, in general terms, the play revolves around discovering the murderer of Susana Macaya who was brutally murdered before her wedding; exactly the same way her sister Lara Macaya died. Will it be the same murderer or a copycat?
I must admit that despite having very low expectations regarding these books, this one in particular has surprised me. Simply, if I look at it from an entertainment point of view, it’s like reading a series of Antena 3, why is that… Being honest, I think I will continue with the saga, I don’t know when, and that says quite a lot in favor of the book.
Score: 4/5.
Tell me, have you entered the world of Inspector Elena Blanco? I’ll read you in the comments.

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